Ella Sherr

Writer, Teacher, Voice-Artist, Content Consultant

Specialising in meditation, sleep stories, children's fiction, lyrics, and poetry

About Ella

Ella is a writer, voice artist, Yoga Teacher, and expert in Meditation and Mindfulness.

With a background in teaching, a Master of Arts degree in Community Theatre, and a First-Class Bachelor of Arts degree in Language and Literature, Ella is a highly qualified, experienced, intuitive, and proficient writer. She loves to help you find the words to weave your wonderful ideas into fruition.

Currently, Ella works with several well-known mediation Apps as well as with content creators, individuals, and organisations to write original content of the highest quality. As well as writing with authors and organizations, she creates specialized meditation practices that inspire others to connect with their inherent peaceful nature, something which, although often hidden behind the stress and anxiety of daily life, she believes is always there. Ella is the humble guide who helps to remove barriers and leads us home towards that nature.

Combining her wellbeing expertise, spiritual prowess, and theatrical/teaching experience with her love of the written word, Ella creates highly effective meditation experiences which gently guide her listeners towards a place of peace, purpose, abundance, and wellness. Her unique voice is deep and soothing, a lullaby for the ears, and she hopes to create a practice that will help users find peace and stillness within.

Ella is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about meditation practice, self-healing, and working with energy, and she devotes her time to helping others balance their energy to transform their lives. She is also a Reiki PRactitioner, a Crystal Healer, and training to become an EFT Practitioner, too. She is a keen Tarot reader and astrologist; she would like you to know that she is a Libra, and a little bit obsessed with the moon.

Ella hopes to help guide you back home to you.

With love, light, and healing,