Ella Sherr

Work Samples

Below are sample meditation scripts for children, written and recorded by Ella. 'Accepting Youself' has a guest narrator.

For further samples of her writing, please get in touch with Ella via the contact page. She will be more than happy to share.

You can also find some of her poetry on Instagram:


and you can visit her Kids Yoga website at: 


Your Spirit Animal

This guided meditation for children will invite a sense of calm and allow them to still their mind.
So, lie down and come on this peaceful journey in your mind to a place where you Spirit Animal can run free…

Rainbow Road

This guided relaxation for kids will help them relax, breathe, and relieve anxiety & stress. It is a sleep story, so perfect to help you release worries and fall asleep.
So, take a journey to the sky, where you can expolre all of the colours of the rainbow and all the emotions that come with them.

Glitter Dust

This guided relaxation for children will allow them a moment to float and dream and find some blissful calm.
So, lie down, get comfortable, and let the glitter dust journey begin!

Accepting Yourself

It can be hard at time for us all to love and accept ourselves, and this goes for kids, too!
This meditation might be just what's needed for you to start a loving and accepting relationship with yourself.