Ella Sherr

A note from Ella

A little about me… Once upon a time, I was a high school English teacher. And oh, I remember it vividly! But before that, I was a creative practitioner, using drama, music, language, and movement to empower and inspire young people. Before that, I was a songwriter, a poet, and even once a child.

Since then, however, I have returned to my love of language by establishing myself as a freelance creative writer, editor, and ghostwriter. I have also meanwhile trained as a Yoga teacher, working predominantly with children, helping them to find calm amid the stresses of modern life. Now, I combine these passions and experiences, writing creatively for children - and adults, too - and specialising in writing guided meditation and relaxation scripts using my Yoga and mindfulness training to influence and inform my writing.

I love words. I love playing with them. I love using them wisely and imaginatively to create an atmosphere and guide my readers or listeners into different worlds and places in their minds. I also love rhyme and rhythm, and this influences my children's poetry and fiction alike. Think Dr. Seuss.

I am always looking for new clients and working relationships, so please be in touch if you would like to discuss a project with me!

Love and light to you and yours ✨ ✨ ✨ 

Some random facts you may or may not like to know...

🖤 Ella has been writing songs, stories, and poems since she could speak, sing, and rhyme. Basically, for a very long time!

🖤 Ella's Akita, Jemima - aka JemamaBear, JemamJi, JemamAkita - is a rescue dog, a zen-guru, and the light of her life.

🖤 Ella once had a double-page article about here in the Scottish Sunday Times which compared her voice to Marianne Faithfull and Finnella Fielding.

🖤 Ella has played Viola in Twelfth Night, Sally Bowles in Carabet (which is where she found her voice), and, more recently, Seargent Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls.

🖤 Ella's nicknames are Zeggi, Pie-Ella, and Curly Wurly. She used to be in a band called Charlton Curly, for whom she wrote and sang many songs, played guitar, and occasionally attempted to rap.

🖤 Ella trained as a Yoga Teacher in Varkala, Kerala, India. She loved it there and has even written a Sleep Story about the location for a Meditation App.

🖤 Ella loves (amongst other things) reading, singing, Yoga (of course!), making music with friends, studying philosophy and spiritual teachings, breathwork, chakra balance, hula-hooping, sun-chasing, and moon-bathing.

🖤 Ella established a Kid's Yoga school, Kiddy Kalma Yoga, 'cos she loves helping kids find their zen, too. And she kind loves to pretend she still is one!

With love, light, and healing,