Ella Sherr

What Ella Offers:

Ella offers:

✍️Writing and Editing services for individuals, apps, and organizations.

✍️Specialist content creation.

✍️Voice-Over services.

✍️Ghostwriting/Editing/coaching for poetry, lyrics, speeches, stories, and more.

✍️Personalized meditation audio files, made just for you.


Thinking of a personalized meditation?

Ella creates unique and effective guided meditations tailored to your needs.

Each script draws on powerful teachings and techniques and is designed to bring you or your clients gently back home to yourself.

Once dreamt up, webbed out, written, recorded, and edited, you will have a personal guided meditation to download and listen to as many times as you like.

This could also be a wonderfully thoughtful gift for a loved one who needs a hand to guide them home, too. Some example topics include:

♡ Coming Home to Calm ♡ Coping with Uncertainty and Change ♡ Ease Anxiety and Stress ♡ Healing Depression ♡ The Power of the Present Moment ♡ Open Awareness and Objectless Meditation ♡ Breathwork Techniques ♡ Sleep Stories and Meditations for Deep Sleep and Relaxation ♡ Chakra Healing and Balancing ♡ Archangel Meditations ♡ Messages from your Spirit Guides ♡ Vibrate with Positive Energy ♡ Finding your Purpose ♡ Finding Peace Within ♡ Balancing Relationships ♡ Developing Intuition ♡ Abundance, Love, Prosperity, Wellness ♡ And much, much, more!